Faux Glow

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Get a Natural-Looking Golden Glow With Sunless Tanning

Many people want to have a summery faux glow achieved through suntanning, but are also conscious of the harm caused by the sun’s UV rays. With a wide array of self-tanners to choose from, you'll get a healthy golden glow while taking good care of your skin.

By using sunless tanners, you can also protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen. Using an SPF foundation or cream is a great way to have a sun-kissed look that is better for the skin without the harmful effects of tanning.

Advantages of Sunless Tanning

Exposure to the sun for long periods of time can result in painful sunburns that can last for days or, worse, skin cancer. Some even go to great lengths to repeat the process once the tan fades, which is unhealthy for your skin.

On the other hand, sunless tanners are a “vacation in a bottle,” and you can conveniently have a beautiful tan within a few hours or overnight. These self-tanners are great for special occasions or daily use.

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Start Preparing Your Skin for the Summer

If you want to achieve a golden summer glow safely, choose from a great variety of sunless tanning products.