Best Body Wash Choices for Winter Hydration

Woman stepping into bathtub full of bubbles.

Winter Skincare Routine, Ritual and Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

January Focus: Cleanse

Best Body Wash Choices for Winter Hydration
If you’re looking for the best body washes for hydration, with effective skincare ingredients that leave your body just as moisturized and glowing as your face, there are some great choices from which to choose. From your everyday quick in-and-out of the shower humectant body wash, to your luxurious at-home spa time, bathing to cleanse your body, mind and soul, there is a routine and a ritual for everyone, focused specifically on skin’s best winter friend: Hydration.

So how do we achieve maximum hydration for our body during the drying winter months? It is so important for our skin that we drink enough water for sure, and that we make the most of our daily shower, locking in moisture. In addition, making a little time for a bathing ritual at least once a week will have long-term benefits. Boost your body hydration with effective bath and body formulations which contain a moisturizing, humectant ingredient deck: Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

A Body Cleansing Routine:
Although showering is ultimately about cleansing, it can become a more powerful player in winter body care by using a body wash with hydrating ingredients. Containing humectants such as shea butter and aloe, and formulated with the superstar main ingredient: goat milk, Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Hand and Body Wash meets the mark on everything a body wash aspires to be. Goat milk shares the same pH as our skin, so will not strip our natural oil barrier. Goat milk contains lactic acid (a milk acid) that is a natural, gentle exfoliator. A Clean Beauty Brand, this goat milk body wash is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it nourishes and hydrates our skin. If that isn’t enough it comes in plenty of delicious scents for an aromatherapy shower experience. The combination hand and body wash nourishes your skin and is your first step in body cleansing to keep you glowing from head to toe.

A Cleansing Tip:
Keep your mornings fresh and uplifted by rotating multiple goat milk hand and body wash scents. From Vanilla Woods to Lemon Sunshine to Apricot and Honey Tea, you’ll have a multitude of choices as inspiration to hop in the shower and get your day started.

A Body Cleansing Ritual:
Ahhh….the scent, the steam, the calm of soaking in a warm tub enveloped in soft bubbles. Of course showering has every day importance, but a bath is an ultimate self-care ritual and an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves in a deeply relaxing and satisfying way. Though most of us don’t have time for a long and luxurious bath every day, it’s still doable to develop a calming, hydrating bath practice. Considering bathing less often (and for not as long), and when you do have time, make the absolute most of it. Taking 15 minutes to bathe is your time to release, reconnect, restore and rejuvenate. Try Maude pH-Balanced body wash/bubble bath (No. 1) for a sensual, warming scent of lemongrass, amber and medjool date, with a super-hydrating blend of vitamins E, C, B and omega 3s, to hold moisture in your skin. Soft bubbles pamper you and reconnect your spiritual nature to your bodily senses. Creating a short but pleasurable retreat, lather with this foamy, moisturizing wash, and take in every moment of your wellness ritual. Just cleanse with a soft puff and feel your cares float away. Even if you only have fifteen minutes once a week, those fifteen minutes can become a rejuvenating destination on your self-care journey.
A Cleansing Tip:

Center your mind-body connection by doing calming, cleansing breaths, and bring that mindset into the bath to cleanse more than just your skin. This can cleanse and purify your mind and spirit as well. If you have had a challenging day, as you soak let the events of the day “wash” out of your body and into the water. “Allow” your emotions to elevate. Smile to yourself as you “feel” stress and conflict float out of you and into the water. As you leave the tub, “believe” that you are leaving your cares behind in the bath water. Gently pat your hydrated body with a fresh, plush towel and notice that as the water drains and flows out of the tub completely, it seems to be taking your cares away with it.

A Body Cleansing Beauty Tool:
Although you may not have time every shower to use a body tool for cleansing, adding this step will enhance the effectiveness of your hydrating body wash, and will allow your skin to absorb more of the good-for-your-skin ingredients. Just once a week use of a versatile smart tool will step up your game. PMD Clean Body Device with interchangeable attachments will help to lift, firm and tone the look of your skin. Featuring a both mesh “puff” attachment and a soft silicone bristle head you’ll be lathering, cleansing and moisturizing all at the same time. As an added bonus, the massage head with “SonicGlow” is the perfect way to relax muscles with the result of all of these features being a smoother and softer, more hydrated body.
A Cleansing Tip:
Always use beauty tools gently on your skin, with a soft touch and never excessive pressure. Using body cleansing beauty tools over time will improve the tone and texture of the skin. With consistency, our skin will remain moisturized, radiant and glowing throughout the winter season.
Glowing Skin Lifestyle Practices that make all the difference:

  1. When taking longer bubble bath, add Maude Soak vitamin rich bath salts for a further dimension of scent and hydration. The soak is vegan, cruelty-free and contains hydrating potassium from Dead Sea Salts.
  2. Add bentonite clay to your bath for soft, detoxified skin. Take an occasional Epsom salt bath for relaxation and for its skin-smoothing mineral properties.
  3. Don’t forget to protect your hands during the winter. In addition to using a hydrating hand cleanser (Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Hand and Body Wash and Beekman 1802 Goat Milk soap), try to wear gloves in the very cold
    weather to prevent skin drying and chapping, and always wear a sunscreen on the backs of your hands when headed outside not wearing gloves.
  4. Hands down nail and cuticle oils are a must during the winter months. With moisturizing vitamin E and jojoba oil, this brush-on oil is an invaluable step in keeping your hands looking their best throughout the cold season.
  5. Avoid excessively hot showers, baths and hand-washing, as the hot water will dry the skin.
  6. For body cleansing products, focus on humectant ingredients, which attract moisture from the air to keep your skin soft and dewy. Some examples of humectants are aloe, honey, and lactic acid (found in goat milk), as well as squalene and colloidal oatmeal.
  7. Stay focused on proper nutrition for healthy, glowing skin. Cucumbers, for example, are a powerhouse of nutrients and hydration for great skin, whether eating them, juicing them, or using body washes that contain cucumber. Refreshing Soapbox Cucumber and Yuzu Lemon Body Wash soothes irritation and even fights premature aging.

Takeaways: As we move through the month of January, save time by combining your cleansing and moisturizing steps with the right body washes that have hydrating ingredients. Keeping your skin from drying during the winter months will make the eventual transition to the spring months easier, as your skin will have remained in tip-top shape. Enjoy your self-care and glow into winter.