Best Body Exfoliation Options for Glowing Skin this Spring

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Spring Skincare Routine, Ritual and Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Spring Focus: Exfoliate

Best Body Exfoliation Options for Glowing Skin this Spring

Here we are in April, and outdoor activities are ramping up. Whether biking, hiking, swimming, playing sports or simply enjoying a leisurely walk in the park, the weather is warming and more skin is showing. Now during the spring, perhaps more than any other season, it’s great to get a jump on skin care for the longer days of sunshine. Start by sloughing off the dull winter skin, revealing new skin, which is soft as a petal. Nature is blooming and so should we! It’s time to shine by bringing a glow to the surface with body scrubs, improving blood circulation to the skin. So how do we achieve exfoliation for both the look and the health of our skin during the spring months? We step up our shower and bathing time by using the right body scrubs, whether we are having a quick in-and-out shower, or a relaxing, luxurious bath. So smooth out the rough edges, improve circulation to your skin, and enjoy the scents and textures with effective body polishing products.

A Body Exfoliating Routine:

With a huge cult following, SKINN Cosmetics superstar body exfoliator, DermAppeal Body Exfoliating Treatment, can be used daily or 2-3 times per week. Its gel-type formulation is perfect for your morning shower, making your skin sleek to the tips of your toes. Its fresh scent will put a smile on your face and leave you smooth and glowing with its soft exfoliating crystals. Containing vitamin C, antioxidants and moisturizing botanical oils, it doubles as a cleansing wash with the luminous skin benefits of both.

Great for all skin types. One use and you’ll be hooked.

For mature skin, what could be better than an anti-aging body scrub? StriVectin Crepe Control Exfoliating Scrub gently polishes and resurfaces rough skin, and boasts a 94% improvement in the appearance of crepey skin, according to an expert clinical grader. With a one-two-punch, this scrub is formulated as both a physical and chemical exfoliator. Quartz crystals, papaya and guava enzymes and more make this an effective choice for daily or weekly use. Follow with StriVectin Tighten and Lift Crepe Control Body Cream for the full effect of exfoliation and hydration/moisturizing focused on reducing the appearance of saggy, crepey skin.

You may not have heard of Nakery Beauty, however, more and more skincare enthusiasts are following Liz Folce, founder of Nakery. Her dedication in listening to what women are looking for in skincare and formulating amazing skincare that produce real results is her passion. Nakery’s Smooth Things Over Body Retexturizing Scrub is creamy, easy to apply and is a pleasure to use. Enjoy in shower just 1-3 times per week and notice the difference in your skin. An HSN “clean beauty” superstar, it combines a gentle scrub, as well as both glycolic and lactic acid. Focus on areas that are particularly rough (think heels, elbows, back of arms), as well as tummy, hips, thighs to reveal smoother, healthier looking skin. This is microdermabrasion and a peel in one!

An Exfoliating Tip:

With our hands in constant motion doing everything we need to do for ourselves and others, how about pampering them? Just keep a tube of your fave body (or face) exfoliator on your sink next to your regular hand wash. A few times a week, use one of your spa-quality exfoliating products to “wash/scrub” your hands, particularly focusing on the backs of your hands. This skin revitalizing routine can become a routine self-care moment for you and you deserve it. Not to mention how smooth and hydrated your hands will be!

A Body Exfoliating Ritual:

Ahhh….the scent, the steam, the calm of soaking in a warm tub enveloped in soft bubbles. Now increase the skincare benefits of your relaxing bath with an exfoliation ritual of spa caliber, right in your own home.

Combining an exfoliating scrub containing three natural physical exfoliators along with several moisturizing oils, relax in the tub and give yourself a gentle scrub/massage using Korres Almond Revitalizing Body Scrub, applied gently and lovingly with a loofah or body puff. Surround yourself in the soft scent of sweet almond while you smooth rough patches, hydrate and lock in moisture. Korres skincare products are made with proven ingredients that come from Greece. They are formulated utilizing the apothecary knowledge of plants and natural skincare ingredients of their grandmothers, going back generations. Relax and enjoy the tradition and pleasure of this sweet scrub, and think of the timeless beauty of Greece.

For an ultimate self-care ritual, consider The Body Bathhouse Ritual. Made by Nerra, this system is inspired by bathhouse rituals of the ancient Mediterranean. There are pampering steps to gratify you, and to bring your skin into an amazing condition of smoothness, hydration and noticeable brightness within three weeks. This is a skin streaming superstar, as the four piece boxed set (suitable for gifting) has a specific order to follow, and covers cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. Relax in your tub and when you are ready, smooth on “Soak and Prepare”, pre-exfoliating foam, allowing it to soak in before rinsing. Next, use the body wash, and softly cleanse and buff your skin with the included exfoliating mitt. Soak and take in the scent of Jasmine Wood, filling your senses and taking you to an eternal place as an act of self-care. Towel off and apply Nerra Dry Body Oil to lock in the hydration, and keep your skin dewy and aglow. Truly a skincare ritual, make time once a week for a bath that allows you to experience an ancient ritual.

An Exfoliating Tip:

Your bath time exfoliation can be an opportunity to get more of the great products you use in the shower. Don’t forget about both SKINN Cosmetics DermAppeal and Nakery Smooth Things Over Body Retexturizing Scrub, which go from shower to bath with ease. Use your loofah or body sponge to gently scrub your body starting from the neck down, pampering each area. Let your mind and body connect as you become fully present in each area of your body, giving thanks for the beauty of the moment. Enjoy a relaxing soak that leaves you feeling smooth, soft and ready to use your body moisturizing products. It’s amazing how taking time to rejuvenate in the tub changes our mood, stress level and outlook!

A Body Exfoliating Beauty Tool:

Exfoliating tools are a must, from simple brushes to long-handled oscillating body exfoliating systems that allow us to reach all of the hard-to-reach places, especially our backs. Mitts, gloves, loofahs and sea sponges all have a place here, and all offer special benefits.

Tru Ritual Cleansing and Exfoliating Body Brush with multiple heads is a great body brush choice and is designed for use in the shower. With rotating heads and a long handle, it’s perfect to get the back, backs of legs, and comes with two loofah heads.  For neck down exfoliating and smoothing, make use of the two bristle heads. Pop on the pumice stone head for a quick buff between pedicures.

Ecotools offers multiple body exfoliation beauty tools for use in both tub and shower. From a long handle brush with bristles or an attached loofah, you’ll get to all of those hard to reach places, polishing your skin and stimulating increased circulation as well. Not much time to exfoliate? No problem. Get the full benefits of a whole body scrub by using your favorite body wash, and applying it in circular motions while wearing Gentle Bath + Shower Gloves, which are infused with avocado oil to moisturize.

An Exfoliating Tip:

Always use beauty tools on your skin gently, with a soft touch, never applying excessive pressure. Using exfoliating beauty tools over time will improve the tone and texture of the skin. In the tub, opt for “nontech” time-tested exfoliating brushes, loofahs and natural bristle brushes. With consistency, our skin will turn over cells more often, revealing fresh, new skin. Body care products, such as serums and body creams, will absorb better so that our skin remains moisturized and radiant, with a glow from head to toe.

Glowing Skin Lifestyle Practices that make all the difference:

  1. Remember to exfoliate prior to using a sunless tanning product, and note that your application is easier and result will be natural without streaking. Be sure to use an exfoliator when you wash your hands after applying sunless-tanner, to be sure you don’t inadvertently “tan” your palms.
  2. Speaking of the sun, always protect your freshly exfoliated, smooth skin with sunscreen.
  3. Don’t forget to exfoliate your feet. With sandal weather here (or coming), remember to add a shining polish to your toenails for a glow that makes your feet as well-polished as your body
  4. A glow from head to toe includes the scalp. When was the last time you did an exfoliating scalp treatment? Although shampoo cleanses and conditioner moisturizes our hair, consider skin a scalp exfoliating treatment with OUAI St Bart’s Cleansing Scalp and Body Scrub. It cleanses, removes buildup, and moisturizes. Perfect skin streaming product!
  5. If you’re not already dry brushing your body, it’s time to learn more about it. Exfoliating as well as detoxifying, a Goop Wooden Dry Brush has natural sisal biodegradable fibers, so that over time, although the bristles will break down, they will not harm the earth with non-biodegradable, chemical-based bristles.
  6. Body scrubs containing essential oils buff, polish and moisturize at the same time. Enjoy a pleasurable scent during your scrub and after.
  7. As with body cleansing products, look for exfoliators that contain humectant ingredients, which attract moisture from the air to keep your skin soft and dewy. Look for body scrubs that contain ingredients such as oatmeal and honey scrubs and scrubs containing aloe and olive oil both lock in and bring in hydration.
  8. Consider making your own body scrubs so that you can tailor the formulation to your individual skincare goals.
  9. Stay focused on proper hydration for healthy, glowing skin. Drinking green, white and blackberry teas are good for skin, providing antioxidants and are said to reduce inflammation.
  10. For a quick way cleanse and exfoliate, combine your favorite body wash with a small amount of body scrub and lather away.

Takeaways: As we move through the month of April, save time by skin streaming your spring exfoliating process using combo products that perform multiple duties in your healthy skincare routine. Add a weekly ritual bath that includes self-care by slowing down the process and really being present with your mind, body and spirit.

Although showering and bathing are ultimately about cleansing, adding an exfoliation step can be a powerful player in springtime body care. Starting your day (or ending it) feeling smooth, sleek, moisturized and refreshed is a priceless gift you give to yourself.