Best Spring Exfoliating Choices for Face, All Skin Types

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Spring Skincare Routine, Ritual and Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

April Focus: Exfoliate

Best Spring Exfoliating Choices for Face, All Skin Types

In early spring, nature is waking up after a long winter’s nap, and so is our skin. Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time to focus on exfoliating your skin for the warm months, which are on their way. Update your skincare routine today with any of these exfoliating choices. Products range from gentle face scrubs, exfoliating gels, exfoliating pads and more. Why exfoliate you might ask? Whether you’re looking to improve circulation, unclog pores, reduce lines or just to feel squeaky clean and smooth, exfoliating is the quickest way to remove dead skin cells and boost cell turnover, revealing your freshest face. No matter your age or stage of life, there is a great way to make exfoliating an easy process to add into your routine. How do we make our skincare goals happen during our busy lifestyle? When it comes to exfoliating, consider the time savings of skin streaming. Make the most of combo exfoliating products which offer double-duty benefits. That’s the way to make the most of your products and time, while still getting the glowing skin results we are all looking for!

An Exfoliating Routine:
Enjoy the benefits of trying new exfoliating products and watch your skin blossom! Generally performed weekly, 2-3 times per week, or even daily, exfoliating helps your skincare products to absorb better. This provides maximum benefits for the look, as well as the health of your skin. When exfoliating often, be sure to focus on very gentle exfoliation. For an updated version of the popular apricot scrubs of the past, look into Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub with vitamin E. Perfect for all skin types, and gentle enough for daily use, it leaves your skin soft and supple with a radiant glow, and is clean beauty to boot.

Look for exfoliators with ingredients that are tried and true skincare superstars, including aloe vera, green tea and coconut. Check out Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub. Good for all skin types, buffing and polishing away dull skin, it also refines the look of the texture of the skin. Exfoliate while you simultaneously cleanse, for a one-step solution.

For oily skin, skip the scrubs altogether and consider using an essence. Gentle enough to use daily, Bare Minerals Poreless Exfoliating Essence leaves your skin hydrated, less oily, but still with that glowy appearance we are all looking for. It may even minimize the appearance of pores which is a definite plus.

In a hurry without much time for skin care? No problem. Move into the world of multi-acid resurfacing with Beauty Bio exfoliating and brightening pads. Infused into convenient exfoliating pads, AHA, BHA and PHA are in the ingredient deck. With a simple “swipe and glow”, you can exfoliate and also remove face makeup. Always be sure to patch test, and use full spectrum sunscreen to protect your tender new skin cells.

An Exfoliating Tip:
When exfoliating, be sure to use a very soft hand. Splash your face with water first, applying a small amount of scrub in small, circular motions. A light touch is especially important when exfoliating often. When venturing out into new product territory, especially when starting and AHA, PHA, BHA, or fruit acid-based product, be sure to patch test first to be sure that you and your new-found product are a good match.

An Exfoliating Streamlined Regimen:
It’s all the buzz in the skin care world: Skin Streaming. Take a look at some exfoliating products that double up and perform additional skin care functions in your routine, saving you time (and money). Simplify your skincare with an exfoliating face mask. The Clarifying Clay Mask from Tatcha is a skincare ritual that warms your face to open the pores, delivering purifying ingredients including Japanese volcanic ash. It gently exfoliates with Japanese konjac (a root vegetable), and is great for oily and combination skin. As always, patch test and consider using the mask in conjunction with other Tatcha products for superior results.

Looking for a great serum with exfoliating benefits? Beekman 1802 goat milk skin care comes to the rescue. Smooth Booster Exfoliating Serum offers key ingredients including willow bark extract and lactic acid which will gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and more moisturized.

An Exfoliating Skin Streaming Tip:
Consider your individual skincare needs and goals when choosing exfoliating products. Which products can you replace with a combo exfoliator? For instance, toning our skin is an often skipped (but yet important) step in our routine beauty routine. Good Molecules Glycolic Exfoliating Toner fits easily into your cleansing routine with the combined benefits of toning and exfoliating your skin simultaneously. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe to hydrate and nourish your skin. Slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day.

An Exfoliating Beauty Tool:
For very effective exfoliation there are a variety of different types of tools to try which will get you professional “just back from the day spa” results. If you have never tried a beauty tool to exfoliate your face a great way to start is by using a skin exfoliating sonic cleansing system, such as Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear System. Combining two functions (cleansing and exfoliating), this small cleansing brush is a 3-in-1 beauty tool with brush heads that oscillate 18,000 tiny movements per minute. The sonic motion provides gentle cleansing and exfoliating of surface debris, dead skin cells and provides a deep pore cleansing. If you have been regularly exfoliating your face, you might think about using an exfoliating and microdermabrasion tool for a radiant look to your skin. Revlon Microdermabrasion Wand is reusable, easy to use and contains medium-fine diamond grit to bring out your glow. Use a very gentle touch, and watch how your skincare products absorb so easily after using this at-home tool. May not be the best choice for sensitive skin, but certainly worth looking into. Are you looking for a superstar, multipurpose skin streaming opportunity in exfoliating your face? How about Dermaflash Luxe+ which will take your exfoliation to the next level. This amazing tool is more expensive, but provides so many benefits you’ll be happy you have it in your beauty tools collection. Think exfoliation, hair-removal/dermaplaning and anti-aging all in one! Say good-bye to dead skin cells and peach fuzziness. Your makeup will glide onto your oh-so-smooth face, giving you a younger, glowing look. NOTE: Always use pretreatment PreFlash Essential Skin Prep before using the tool.

An Exfoliating Tip:

Be sure to STOP using all exfoliating products a few days prior to using a dermaplaning exfoliating tool. Start out with a very light touch when using any and all facial tools, especially the first few times you use them. Always read instructions thoroughly before using a new skin tool. If video demonstrations are available, be sure to review them. Make a note as to whether the tool requires water or serum as part of the treatment. Some beauty tools require batteries or charging. Use beauty tools very gently on your face so there is no pulling or tugging of the skin. Beauty tools can add a wide variety of benefits to the effectiveness of your skincare products, and generally enhance your skincare results.

    Glowing Skin Lifestyle: Practices that make all the difference

    1. Consider the blade tool once a week, as it removes dead skin cells while simultaneously removing facial hair.
    2. Not all exfoliation involves scrubs. Look into skin care that contains glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acids. Be sure to patch test prior to using any skincare exfoliating acids prior to use.
    3. 3. For an especially gentle exfoliation, try a moisturizer which contains lactic acid, such as Beekman 1802 Bloom Cream Daily Face Moisturizer.
    4. 4. As we move into spring, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips. Soft, plump, hydrated lips are a cornerstone glowing skin. BlushLips Lip Scrub is a great choice, and don’t forget to follow with BlushLips Balm in six scents to pump post scrub.
    5. 5. Exfoliating wipes and pads are a great choice when you’re short on time.
    6. 6. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects your skin which is so important. Protect your new fresh face every day, rain or shine.
    7. 7. Be sure to exfoliate head to toe prior to applying a sunless tanner for an even faux glow. And don’t forget to use a scrub on hands after applying a tanner if you don’t use a glove, so that you don’t inadvertently “tan” your palms.
    8. 8. Take stock of your skincare needs, and have the right products and tools to achieve and maintain healthy skin.
    9. 9. A Buf-Puf or an Exfoliating Mitt is a tried and true way to exfoliate your skin. They are great for both gals and guys, and you can tailor the pressure to what feels comfortable for your skin type.
    10. 10. Try making your own face scrubs. From honey and oats to a fresh strawberry scrub, these face scrub recipes you make at home are fun and are a great way to get healthy, glowing skin.

    Takeaways: As we enjoy early spring, it’s a great time to exfoliate your skin, daily, weekly or monthly to keep your skin glowing and radiant. Take stock of your skin care needs, and have the right products and tools to achieve and maintain refreshed, healthy skin, turning over dead skin cells to reveal smooth, bright skin. Using these products and tips, your at-home regimen will make your skin glow….friends and coworkers will wonder if you’ve been to a day spa for a professional facial!